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Eight ways to recognize your healthcare workers’ contributions

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Many workers highly value recognition from their co-workers

During the COVID-19 era, the importance of healthcare workers has come to the forefront. And if your organization employs nurses and other healthcare professionals, it’s wise to recognize their hard work. 

With the ideas listed below, you can show your medical professionals that you value their service. 

Retirement gifts

When you’ve had nurses working hard in your medical facility for decades, it’s good for morale to recognize their service and dedication. One way to do this is to offer retiring nurses an award plaque to recognize them for their years of service. 

Giving retiring healthcare workers such as nurses shows your staff that you value their contributions. 

Personalized items

Some of the best gifts to give nurses and other healthcare workers are thoughtful and practical. Gifts that are sure to please include coffee mugs, t-shirts, water bottles, cloth facemasks, and socks and tumblers. 

Personalizing gifts show your staff that you appreciate all they do for your patients. You can go to a digital marketing company, and they can help you print all kinds of items with the facility logo or person’s name. 

Peer recognition 

Getting recognition from the boss is vital, but many workers highly value recognition from their co-workers. These are the folks with whom they interact daily, so knowing they’re doing an excellent job in their co-workers’ eyes is a big motivator. 

Be sure that the peer recognition program is simple and fun for your workers. Your IT team can set up a peer recognition platform that makes it simple for staff to recognize the achievements and hard work. 

Monthly Spa Day

Spa days are getting more popular with healthcare organizations that don’t want to spend too much but reward their workers. A spa day is an inexpensive way to show appreciation that gives your vital healthcare workers time to relax. 

Offering a spa day monthly is a perfect way to encourage everyone to balance their work and life.

Provide more time off

When you have an exceptionally hardworking team member who has come through when it counts, you should consider giving that person or the team an extra day off. 

When a worker knows she’s getting an extra day off this week, she is more motivated to do more so she can get more paid days off. 

Give gift cards

Many organizations give cash bonuses to recognize workers’ hard work. But don’t forget about gift cards. Giving them gift cards instead of cash means they will probably buy themselves a gift instead of, say, pay for groceries. 

Also, giving gift cards is a more personal way to recognize your workers than handing them an envelope with cash. 

Consider offering various gift cards to a worker you want to recognize for achievement. 

Provide lunch 

When your healthcare workers are doing a rough 12-hour shift with a full ICU, you can boost morale by buying a catered lunch. People really appreciate quality food at work, so consider bringing in a chef to make custom salads or sushi! 

And don’t forget a simple “thank you”

All of the ideas above can be effective in showing appreciation and recognition to employees. But always remember to give employees a sincere thank you when they do their job well. You also can have several members on your executive theme convey thanks in their way. 

As healthcare workers have become so crucial during COVID-19, it’s essential to reduce the chances of burnout. Giving your essential healthcare workers the recognition they deserve can provide them with the boost they need to continue providing high-level care.

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