A mobile vaccination unit will operate in Palechori this Saturday to assist the anti-coronavirus vaccination of residents in rural areas, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

The unit will operate between 8am and 1pm at the health centre of the village.

Eligible for vaccination will be people aged 12 and older who are interested in receiving a first or second jab, as well as people aged 50 and older wishing to receive the third dose of the vaccine as long as six months have passed from the second dose.

For adults interested in the second jab, a three-week period must have passed since the initial dose.

The initiative is part of the ministry’s attempts to increase the island’s vaccination coverage against Covid-19 and protect the vulnerable groups who are more prone to serious illness and hospitalisation, the announcement said.

Apart from Palechori residents, people from Aska, Fterikoudi, Saranti, Polistipos, Alona, Livadia, Alithinou, Apliki, Ayios Epiphanios, Kambi, Farmakas and other nearby communities are also targeted, the ministry added.

People visiting the mobile unit must present an identification document as well as their vaccination card for those interested in a second or third jab.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas will be on site accompanied by the Mountain Development Commissioner Costas Hambiaouris and the health ministry’a permanent secretary Christina Yiannaki.

By October 29 this year, 79.8 per cent (or 572,768 persons) of the adult population were fully vaccinated, while 82.2 per cent have got at least one jab.

Double-dose coverage in the 16-17 age group came to 39.9 per cent (7,543 persons), and single-dose coverage to 42.3 per cent.

In the 12-15 age bracket, 26.2 per cent were fully vaccinated, and 28.6 per cent received at least one dose.

As a share of the total population, 66.4 per cent (589,816 persons) were fully vaccinated. Also, 39,850 individuals received a booster shot.