Mushroom lovers this is for you! It is not unusual for festivals to highlight a specific fruit or vegetable, we have annual potato, pomegranate and taro festivals. Yet a festival dedicated to mushrooms is a bit more out of the ordinary, but that is what is happening at Spilia village this weekend!

With so many mushroom varieties, uses and benefits, it should come as no surprise there is a festival to honour them. The Mushroom Festival 2021, or the So Mush Better Festival as it is also known, returns for two days of fun(gi).

Organised by Kyriakides Mushrooms, a family business that grows and sells mushrooms locally, and a brand you have probably seen in the supermarket, festival visitors can see the mushroom gardens, explore mushroom-growing kits and all the tools needed to cultivate them organically and, of course, taste dishes and recipes made from them.

On the menu, you can expect mushroom soup, bao buns with caramelised mushrooms, juicy mushroom burgers, organic roasted king oyster mushroom in a yellow curry sauce, oyster mushroom gyros, grilled red mushrooms and crunchy tempura mushroom popcorn! From 10am until 6pm both days, farmers, families, mushroom lovers and all are invited to enter into a mushroom world, learn about the process of growing organic mushrooms and try out alternative recipes.


Mushroom Festival 2021

Recipes, a mushroom garden and cultivation kits for organic mushrooms. Organised by Kyriakides Mushrooms. December 4-5. Spilia village, Nicosia district. 10am-6pm. Facebook event: Mushroom Festival 2021