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Cyprus: Comprehensive tourist travel guide for foreign students

Taking a break from some of our more regular topics such as reviewing essay services, let’s talk about a subject that brings more cheer: vacations.

As inflation rises, the job market gets worse, and unemployment increases, many people think that a vacation will become one of those things that will become unaffordable. And to some extent they are right: some of the most popular seaside travel destinations have become off-limits due to budget constraints.

But that’s our fault.

One of Europe’s best kept secrets

The Earth is covered mostly by water, and wherever that water meets the land, you have a beach. But, for some reason, we ignore thousands of miles of beaches and flock to the same famous beach resort destinations.

The French Riviera, the Caribbean, and a few others. It’s no wonder that these become very expensive. Students who can barely afford to buy essays, can’t usually afford to go to Maui.

You don’t have to deny yourself a wonderful vacation, just because you have to cut expenses. There are other places where you could go, you would get a comparable experience, but pay much less.

This brings us to today’s destination: Cyprus.  It is a bit hyperbolic to call it a secret, as many in Europe know of Cyprus, but it somehow misses most people’s top 5 summer vacation lists.

This island isn’t dirt-cheap, nor is it a third-world nation. Here, you will benefit from the same food, music, infrastructure, and commodities that you would in any other Island resort. The prices can fit well within the average European/NA middle-class person’s scope.

Nestled between worlds

Cyprus is a Mediterranean nation that sits between three continents. Its history is beautiful, contentious, and interesting. Here, ancient Greek Mythology claims that the goddess of Love, Femininity, and Beauty ( Aphrodite) was born.

The coastline is comparable, if not superior to some world’s top destinations. The cities are also riddled with culture.

The problem with most modern buildings is that they are designed with a utilitarian mindset. Most of them look like shoe boxes. That is not the case with Cyprus buildings.  They have that classic old-world look, leaving tourists not only to bask in the Sun but in the weight of history.

Are there cheaper options for students who want a beachside stay? Yes, there are. Countries such as Georgia, Romania, and Bulgaria have cheaper seaside destinations. However, Cyprus occupies that middle ground between the cheapest of the cheap, and the outstandingly expensive.

That’s the charm of vacationing in Europe. It’s relatively small, you can drive anywhere, and you have the full gamma of entertainment options. You can find all price ranges, you have beaches, ski slopes,  mountains destinations, culture, historical cities, extremely diverse and colored local cuisines, etc.

Living in Cyprus

But what if you are a student who wants to relocate to Cyprus, and not just spend a week as a tourist? Can this be done? Is it expensive to move there?

Well, according to the European Union, living in Cyprus costs 25% less than the European average cost of living.

While most of the US infrastructure was designed with driving in mind, European and European-adjacent cities are much more walkable. If you decide to relocate to Cyprus, you will discover that a car is much less of a necessity.

First, you have public transportation, which is cheap and readily available. The only restriction will appear when you want to go to the mountains, beach, or other more restricted destinations.

If you know that you will need a car more often, rental services have pretty good offers.

In terms of taxes, it’s no secret that European nations tend to lean on the more socialist side of the spectrum. Cyprus offers a welcome relief from that trend, as it has relatively low taxes compared to EU members.

You won’t pay anything for the first 19.500 Euros that you make per year.  The tax system is progressive, so depending on how much you make, you will end up paying between 20% or 35% of your income.

Those rates are still preferable to other nations, incentivizing many companies to relocate to Cyprus.

Eating in Cyprus

No matter where you are in the world, there will always be a high-end luxury option for those willing to pay for it. Cyprus does not lack high-class restaurants where you can spend an average person’s paycheck in a single night.

Still, aside from the richer establishments, food overall costs less in Cyprus.  Let’s face it, most students do not have the time or are not willing to cook for themselves. So, the primary question would be “ can I afford to live here, If I order or eat out every day?”

Thankfully, the answer is yes. Restaurants aimed towards tourists will be on the pricier side. However, some establishments’ target demographic is local. There, you can find the most affordable prices.

Another refreshing trend is that it seems that there is a culture of offering a free appetizer, dip, or something to nibble while the main order is prepared. This can range from garlic bread and spreads, to complimentary dessert items or free drinks.

It’s not much, so it seems like an added: “ thank you for your patronage”  when they include these free goodies. Also, the tourist-oriented portion of the restaurant business tries to standardize complimentary treats, the local ones go crazy and try to surprise you.

As an average price, a meal for you and your significant other will cost around 30 Euros.

Greek cuisine is highly underrated, as it combines both European and Middle-Eastern elements.


As a tourist, pinching pennies won’t be as much of a priority. If you’re planning to move there for a semester, then you will have to watch your spending. Generalities aside, expect life in Cyprus to cost around 50-110 Euros per day. Of course, you can drastically cut costs if you want.

If you plan to cook your meals and use public transport, you can save a lot of money.

Overall, Cyprus is a very middle-ground destination. You can go high, and you can go low, depending on your expenses. This versatility, coupled with its sub-tropical climate, historical.

Laura C. Fields is interested in education, and it shows. While she spends most of her time reviewing essay sites, she sometimes dabbles in other topics such as technology, student life, travel, etc.


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