Concerns about the environmental costs and risks to public safety posed by the plans to upgrade the Chlorakas coastline were expressed on Sunday by President of the AKTI Rehabilitation and Research Centre Xenia Loizidou as she called on the authorities to reconsider the coastal projects.

In an announcement on the ‘master plan’ published for upgrading of the coastline of the region, Loizidou said the breakwaters included in it carry risks.

“I express my my worry because this type of work, except having a large environmental cost is dangerous to public safety,” she said.

She said the sea area has a relief that in combination with the intense wave action creates reverse bottom currents. These, she said, “together with the breakwaters are a deadly mixture that can cause drowning.”

Loizidou called on the authorities to reconsider coastal projects, adding that the ‘master plan’ is in complete contradiction with the government’s announcements for sustainable development “which is our European obligation according to the Green Deal”.