Paphos police were on Sunday carrying out intense searches after two people, aged 29 and 33, were arrested in connection with a string of burglaries and thefts and the possession of hand grenades and bullets.

Spokesman Michalis Nicolaou said they will call people known to have been burgled in the recent past to see how many incidents the two are involved in.

It is believed, Nicolaou said, “several recent cases will be investigated not only in Paphos but possibly in other areas too.”

The arrests followed a coordinated operation in a Paphos village on Saturday when a house was searched as it was believed the 33-year-old was hiding there who was wanted in connection with nine burglaries at home and the theft of two cars.

The police also had information a large amount of valuable stolen also during other robberies was being kept there.

When they entered the house, the police found and arrested the 33-year-old in addition to the 29-year-old woman he was living with there.

During the search of the house, which continued for many hours, a hand grenade was found in addition to a large amount of jewellery, machines, electrical items, computers and other items believed to have come from robberies.

On Saturday the man and the woman were taken before Limassol district court where they were remanded for eight days.