A 41-year-old man has been arrested in connection to the recent theft of items from building sites, police said.

During a search of his house a compressor was found that had been reported stolen from a building site in Limassol in February, while other building items are being examined to determine if they too were stolen.

According to a report to police, at some point between Wednesday and Saturday, a shower unit worth 650 euro was stolen from a house under renovation in Limassol.

The owners of the same house had reported in December the theft of 900 tiles worth 2,500 euro.

After his arrest, a search of the 41-year-old’s house found a large number of plumbing items, electrical items and bathroom items still in their boxes in addition to the stolen compressor worth over 4,000 euro.

When questioned about the compressor and the theft of items from two homes under renovations, the suspect made some allegations which are being investigated.