The Cyprus Consumers’ Association on Sunday called for the immediate withdrawal of a bill that would allow further taxation on fuel.

The association pointed out the “rapid increases in fuel prices”, adding that in the first three months of 2022 retail fuel prices have increased by 15 cents a litre for petrol and diesel by 30 cents and heating fuel by 32 cents.

In addition, it said, the energy ministry’s bill currently under discussion at the House energy committee proposes an additional tax on fuels for renewable energy sources (RES).

“The Cyprus Consumers’ Association appeals to the House energy committee not to contribute to the imposition of another tax on consumers and to show the required respect for the difficult economic situation they are in,” it said in a statement.

Calling for the immediate withdrawal of the bill, the association also said that consumers should be part of the process overseeing where money raised by the taxation of fuel is spent, for matters of transparency if nothing else.