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Sick of Baby Boomers being blamed for climate change

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Am I the only Baby Boomer who is getting more than a little annoyed that it is my generation being held responsible for all the ills of climate change?

At 60, I come at the end of the Baby Boomer generation, but I clearly remember milk coming in glass bottles which were returned to the dairy for sterilisation and reuse. I remember Coke and beer coming in glass bottles which were returned to the grocery store for reuse.

I remember fruit and vegetables being sold loose and never prepackaged in plastic.

What I do not remember are plastic bags being given out at random — you mostly used your own bags.

I do not remember coffeeshops selling a bewildering array of caffeine-fuelled, and often obesity-inducing, beverages being sold in disposable plastic cups with domed plastic covers.

I do not remember being a 20-something and feeling it was totally acceptable to slake my thirst by calling a delivery company for a driver to come across town to bring me a single plastic cup of coffee on a cardboard tray.

Nor do I remember being that same 20-something moaning that I couldn’t survive on my salary, partly because I had to feed my desire for that pricey coffee to be delivered to my door.

In the same vein, I do not remember adding to the traffic chaos, air pollution and carbon emissions by calling a delivery company to bring me coffees, beers and other minor items.

I do remember walking to a shop to buy such minor items.

I do not remember wasting food. In fact, I do not remember being allowed to waste food.

Sell-by and best-before dates were left up to you. Does it smell badly and has it gone green? No? Well, it’s fine to eat then.

Call me an old fogey, but is it not time that the Millennials and Gen Zs accept their own responsibilities? Make their own coffees and pour them into china mugs? Walk to the shops? And have the common sense to decide for themselves whether food bought a few days previously really should be dumped.

Lisa Bailey, Paphos

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