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Cyprus-China friendship: your story could win valuable prizes

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By Home in Cyprus,

As an ancient Greek proverb goes: “The greatest gift in life is friendship (Το μεγαλύτερο δώρο της ζωής είναι η φιλία, και το έχω λάβε)”. In 2022, people from China and Cyprus will once again exchange this precious “gift” in the hope of leaving a brilliant mark on the excellent diplomatic relations between the two countries.

On this important occasion of establishing strategic partnership between China and Cyprus, the Embassy of China in Cyprus, the Embassy of Cyprus in China, Phileleftheros (the largest Greek language newspaper in Cyprus), Cyprus Mail (the largest English language newspaper in Cyprus) and Home in Cyprus (the largest Chinese language media platform in Cyprus) have jointly launched the Collection of China-Cyprus Friendship Stories. This event is aimed at adding more footnotes to the 51 years of our friendship through the perspectives of people-to-people exchanges or special professional experiences.

If you’re Cypriot, what’s your impression of China? Have you ever visited China? Are you a lover of Chinese culture? Or are there any interesting stories between you and your Chinese friends?

If you’re Chinese, what’s your impression of Cyprus? What has left a deep impression on you? Is it the natural scenery, romantic stories of Aphrodite, or kind Cypriot people?

As witnesses and participators, we can also become recorders and inheritors of our friendship. Let us take actions to share our stories and best wishes in presenting this greatest gift in life, which will keep warming our hearts in the years to come.

I. Theme
Carry Forward Our Friendship with Concrete Actions – Collection of China-Cyprus Friendship Stories

II. Submission Time
Deadline: 20th July 2022
The excellent works will be exhibited from July to September.

III. Organizers
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Cyprus
Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in the People’s Republic of China
The largest Greek newspaper of Cyprus: Phileleftheros
The biggest English language newspaper in Cyprus: Cyprus Mail
The largest Chinese language platform in Cyprus: Home in Cyprus

IV. Requirements
(1) Genre
We welcome the original articles or videos that can demonstrate the friendship between China and Cyprus! Each participant can only submit one piece of work.

(2) Requirements for submission:
• Language: English, Greek or Chinese.
• Not more than 1,000 words in English/Greek or 1,500 words in Chinese
• A portfolio photo is needed (you could use your registration photo) and three photos related to your story are encouraged.

Notes: Requirements for videos
• Around 3 minutes with a horizontal shot. Clear and stable without background noise.
• The script (either English or Greek) should be submitted.
• Photos related to your story are encouraged.
• Logos and watermarks of other platforms are not encouraged.

V. Award Selection
The jury panel will select the First, Second and Third Prizes as well as Excellent Participation Awards based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and merit. The winning list will be released in the media.
• There will be one First Prize, two Second Prizes, three Third Prizes, fourteen Excellent Participation Awards and three Best Reader Awards.
• The First Prize will win a HUAWEI P50 Pocket.
• The Second Prizes will win HUAWEI MateBook D Series PCs.
• The Third Prizes will win HUAWEI Watch 3s.
• The Excellent Participation Awards will win souvenirs worth no less than 100 euros and their articles/videos will be published on the media of both China and Cyprus.
• By commenting on the candidate works, you will possibly win the Best Reader Awards – HUAWEI Freebuds.

VI. Submission and Inquiries
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 00357-95522756, 00357-99857643
WeChat: cyprusxixi
Emails should indicate “Title of the work + text/video + Name of the author”
The submission should include:
1. Your work: an article or a video (when you submit a video, the script in either English or Greek should be included)
2. Name of the author
3. Profile photo (you could use your registration photo)
4. Contact information: Please leave your email address or phone number so that we can contact you when needed.

VII. Points for attention
(This part is automatically replied to the authors and needs the authors’ default agreement)
1. The submitted works should conform to the theme of China-Cyprus friendship and highlight the quality of thought and readability.
2. The submitted works should be original. In case of any plagiarism, the participants will be disqualified.
3. The authors should own the complete copyright of his/her work, and guarantee that the work shall not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of a third party, including copyright, right of portrait, right of reputation, right of privacy, etc. The organizers shall not bear legal liabilities including but not limited to those arising from the participants’ disputes over the rights of reputation and copyright.
4. The organizer has the right to publish, broadcast and display the submitted works.
5. No fee is involved with the participants.
6. The organizer reserves the right to final interpretation of this event.
All participants are deemed to agree to all the provisions of the event unless stated otherwise.

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Home in Cyprus is the largest Chinese language media platform in Cyprus


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