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What horrors the Soviets brought to the Baltics

‘Ethnic Russian minorities in Baltic states treated as “second-class people” says Moscow’

As a Lithuanian I have many things to say about what is being said there. This article is one-sided, so it shows as if Baltic states are repressing Russians who live there. It’s not true. Monuments are being disassembled and personally I’m surprised it’s only happening now. What horrors and misery the Soviets brought to these countries. These “monuments” should have been demolished together with those that were removed in 1991.

The minority of Russians in Baltics are there only because locals from Baltic states were deported to Siberia. Half of them died on the way, many in Siberia. Some came back home decades later. These people were replaced with Russians who now demand of some kind of rights? And there are no rights violations at all! They have schools, media, you name it! In fact recently there are more Russians coming to live to Lithuania than ever before? Why? Because it’s so bad there? Or maybe they are running away from their own country? Cyprus is full of Russians who don’t want to live in Russia! They don’t pay taxes there. They chose to live here where they have freedom!

This article it is not the best. I think you should look in to the story behind the situation of those monuments.

Valdas Kontautas


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