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I’m ashamed to be African and an asylum seeker

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I am so ashamed as an African, l am so ashamed as an asylum seeker here in Cyprus. We left our home countries because of insecurity. We found shelter in this lovely Island, yet we tend to show to them that we are the problem, we tend to show to the world that truly we are uncivilised, we tend to show to the whole world that we still behave like wild animals.

The incidence that happened at Pournara reception centre between Nigerians and Congolese left me speechless, left me in fear and shame.

So, this is the way to show our appreciation? It is so shameful, and we all need to change our mentality positively. We all know that we cannot try this nonsense in our home countries. So, we should stop and behave ourselves.

With this attitude, when they tend to be afraid of us (Africans) we call it racism. They are trying their best to shelter us, feed and clothe us. Africans, I am begging for us all to behave ourselves and respect the law of our host country.

To the Republic of Cyprus and to all Cypriots, I apologise on behalf of all Africans and asylum seekers.

Mamah Lapana Tasha

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