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How to write an obituary

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Writing an obituary can be difficult, particularly when you are in the midst of grief and mourning. However, it is an important way to honour and remember the person who has passed away and inform others of the details of their death and any memorial or funeral arrangements. In this blog post, we will provide tips and guidelines for writing an obituary

The purpose of writing an Obituary and its benefits

By creating an obituary, we can bid farewell to a loved one and honour their memory by sharing their life stories with the public. It’s also a way for us to communicate any memorial or funeral arrangements from a trusted service provider, such as Rosy Funerals. It is essential to commemorate the life and achievements of our dearly departed. It’s an opportunity to pay tribute and our respects in remembrance.

There are several benefits to writing an obituary. Firstly, it allows friends and family to reflect on the life of their loved ones and celebrate their legacy. It can serve as a healing process for those who are grieving.

Secondly, publishing an obituary in a newspaper or online allows others to pay their appreciation and courtesy, even if they cannot attend the funeral. It also allows friends and family from far away to be informed of the passing and to offer their condolences.

Thirdly, an obituary can also serve as a historical record of an individual’s life, providing information about their birth, education, career, and other milestones. It can also include information about their family and any notable accomplishments or contributions they made during their life.

Lastly, writing an obituary can also serve as a way to raise awareness about a cause or charity that was important to the person who passed away and to provide information about how others can make donations or contributions in their memory.

Gathering information

The first step in writing an obituary is gathering all the necessary information about the person who passed away. This should include their full name, age, occupation, and any notable accomplishments or contributions they made. You should also include information about their family, including the names of any surviving children, grandchildren, and other relatives.

Writing the obituary

Once you have the necessary information, you can begin writing the obituary. It is important to remember that an obituary is a formal document and should be written concisely and respectfully.

Start by writing the headline, which should include the person’s full name and the date of their death. Next, write a brief introduction that provides an overview of their life and any notable accomplishments or contributions they made.

In the main body of the obituary, provide more detailed information about the person’s life and family. You can include information about their education, career, hobbies, and other notable events or milestones.

It is also important to include information about any memorial or funeral arrangements, such as the date, time, and location of the service, as well as any details about any donations or contributions that can be made in the person’s memory.

Publishing the obituary

Once the obituary is written, it should be published in a newspaper or online obituary service. In the UK, most newspapers have a dedicated obituary section where you can submit your obituary.

Consider creating an online memorial page or social media post to share the obituary with a wider audience. This can be a way for friends and family to share memories and condolences and allows people who may not have been able to attend the funeral to pay their respects.


Writing an obituary can be difficult, but honouring and remembering the person who passed away is important. By gathering all the necessary information, writing the obituary clearly and respectfully, and publishing it in a newspaper or online, you can ensure that the person’s life is remembered and celebrated by all who know them.

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