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Trading is a complex process and even the most minor roadblocks can lead you to end up with huge losses. A demanding task with such high delicacy levels must not be hindered due to a poor and insecure deposit facility. Being an online trader, you would surely understand how every second counts and what it can bring you. FinCompose holds the same understanding and that’s why it brings a deposit process that does not lack behind in serving its dealers with the utmost forms of security and Convenience.

Convenient funds deposits with FinCompose

FinCompose holds the safety of traders in the highest regard. Joining hands with leading secure payment providers, make way for every trader to deposit funds conveniently using the most accessible systems. Professionals at FinCompose have used cutting-edge technology to develop a substantial and sophisticated client portal to allow flexibility and comfort to the traders to enjoy secure deposits and withdrawals from a single source. 

How to deposit funds at FinCompose?

  • Step 1: Create a trading account with FinCompose.
  • Step 2: Then you need to log in to your Client Portal.
  • Step 3: Now, select the account you want to make a deposit to
  • Step 4: Next, click on the deposit option
  • Step 5: After entering the deposit option, choose your preferred deposit method and then follow the instructions to complete all fields in front of you to make the deposit.

What sets deposit service at FinCompose apart

Every online trading platform in the market today offers fund deposit services for its traders, but not all of them provide what FinCompose does. They work hard to ensure the smoothest user experience for your funds deposit journey. Here’s what makes them the winner: No Fees on Deposits. FinCompose charges zero deposit fees and commissions when you make a deposit. It even offers several flexible investment options, helping you to make the best decisions to grow your assets.

Safe withdrawal:

FinCompose offers a hassle-free and comfortable money withdrawal process with the following features that make them unique:

  • FinCompose diligently processes all withdrawal requests within 24 hours. 
  • It is mandatory for traders to submit valid documentation to fully verify their online trading account, in order to make a withdrawal & deposit.
  • Traders need to submit valid documents to fully verify their trading account, before requesting for money withdrawal.
  • Only fully verified trading accounts can withdraw money.
  • The request for funds withdrawal will only be accepted after the submission of appropriate & valid documentation.
  • Traders can only make withdrawal requests to the original account from which the trader had made their initial deposit. 
  • FinCompose Transfers the funds through the same payment method as their initial deposit.


The top-notch security of FinCompose is an uncompromised commitment offered to every trader at every step. It starts right when you open a trading account and sticks to you until the end of your journey. Be it depositing or withdrawing funds, the entire process is simplified to make the trading experience seamless & convenient.


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