The abolition of the tax freeze on fuels and electricity sends the message that the government is out of touch with society, Peo union claimed on Wednesday.

“The decision shows indifference to the struggles of workers, pensioners and vulnerable groups, who see their standard of living shrinking daily,” Peo said.

Workers have already been brought to their knees with high prices, the union said, adding that termination of the relief measures, in combination with escalating interest rates and increased housing costs, will affect the vast majority of people.

Peo reported receiving appeals from desperate workers facing the spectre of inflated electricity bills during the summer season.

“Extension of the measures and a comprehensive support package for low-middle income households is urgently needed, as is the implementation of an integrated housing policy,” Peo stated.

Peo called on the state to answer if its priority is “submission and compliance with the orders of the international monetary fund or the decisive support of society…at a time when the public coffers are full, due to super profits from increased VAT and consumption tax revenues.”

Meanwhile, petrol dealers on Wednesday announced they will be organising in protest of unfair competition of cheaper petrol from the north. The event is planned for June 27 when protesters will drive their vehicles from the Ayios Dometios cross point to the Presidential Palace.