Check out the most important updates Jagex has brought to OSRS in 2023 and what else you can expect.

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the brilliant MMO, and with it, Jagex is stepping up its updates by bringing tons of new content to keep the players happy and grinding. And they’re making everyone happy with updates meant for Skillers, PvMers, PvPers, and those who love questing and minigames.

Wilderness Boss rework

This year started strong with not 1 but 3 Wilderness bosses reworks finally getting to the live servers together with brand new rewards and solo-able versions. The bosses have been mechanically changed and made stronger, and their loot table was improved. Even more importantly, they have been moved from the surface of the wilderness and into their own caves to face groups of players better. They were also given solo-able versions in lower levels wilderness, which quickly became a preferred method to earn OSRS gold for many players.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter has made a remarkable return to OSRS this year with a whole new version where the PvPers can enjoy a fair game of hunting their targets and being hunted by players within 5 to 15 levels from their own combat level.

The minigame was one of the most anticipated PvP updates of 2023 since it brought unique gameplay as well as unique rewards such as special weapon imbues and cosmetic upgrades for items such as the dragon gear and new armors specifically designed to be helpful in PvP and not in PvM which have a unique death design which makes you keep the uncharged gear when you die with it and drop the gold used to charge it for your killer to pick.

Secrets of the North

The beginning of the year was great for those not as brave as to venture into the Wilderness also with a brand-new quest, Secrets of the North, which will reward you with a new repeatable boss that holds the key to great loot and unique upgrades such as the upgrade to the imbued heart into the Saturated Heart which will give you a max buff similarly to divine potions. Phantom Muspah quickly became one of the favorites, especially since it brings new mechanical challenges into the game and will challenge you even further to complete its Combat Achievements.

Mobile Ground Items Indicator

The most expected update for the mobile players was the ground item indicator which makes it much easier for you to spot and pick up your loot even when you’re on mobile, and this will probably make OSRS accounts for sale even rarer than before, as you’ll be less likely to quit the game because you didn’t see your luckiest drop on the ground.


If you’re a skiller, you’ll also be happy in 2023 in OSRS because forestry is coming to the game. It represents a social expansion of woodcutting which will give you more out of the skill and bring you more experience, more items, special forestry events that you’ll need to group up for, and more ways to earn through the woodcutting skill.


Jagex has decided to bring the first new skill to OSRS, and after several rounds of consulting the community and several polls, it was decided that Sailing will be the skill. If we’re lucky, Sailing could reach the live servers later this year if it passes all of the following polls and the community agrees to add the skill. Jagex is considering opinions about core gameplay, navigation, rewards, and skill integration and is trying to bring the best it can and has even made a community discord for the most involved players to participate and keep up with the news and discussions.

Desert Treasure 2

The most anticipated update of 2023 is the launch of the fourth Grandmaster Quest in Runescape, desert treasures 2. Not only does this quest continue the story you started some time ago with Desert Treasures 1 when you unlocked the Ancient Magicks spellbook, but completing the quest will give you access to the first-ever alternative prayer book in Old School RuneScape, the ruinous Powers, which will be of great use for you whether you want to PvP or PvM.

Besides this, completing the quest will give you access to 4 repeatable bosses, which you must take on to obtain some great unique items, such as best-in-slot combat rings that will be even better than the Dagannoth rings. The bosses will also drop items that will let you upgrade your Ancient scepter to give great buffs for one of the four ancient elements: smoke, blood, ice, and shadow.

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