Both Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) took a beating in last month’s flash market crash. In September, both coins seemed to be making some progress in recovering lost value.

But while these top currencies struggle to get back on their feet, new projects like ($DOMI) are also offering investors tremendous returns and innovative business models. But before we go into and why it might be a good crypto to buy, let’s analyze recent developments in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

$BTC surges after reports of all-time high active addresses

On September 4, Glassnode reported that the number of active wallets holding Bitcoin ($BTC) had soared to an all-time high of 1,018,606. At the same time, the supply of Bitcoin, last active between six months and a year, had also reached a monthly high of about 1,954,994 $BTC.

These numbers indicate that interest in buying Bitcoin has increased, possibly because of lower prices following the August 17 market crash. Between September 4 and 8, the price of $BTC increased by around 1% from $25,956 to $26,214.

This comes at the same time that Bitcoin is down from $29,488 on August 9 to $25,888 on September 10, a 12.2% decrease. So, while $BTC is looking to make a comeback, it still has some ways to go to recover lost value.

The increase in the number of addresses and long-term holders should help price surge in the coming days. So with Bitcoin looking to climb, will its biggest rival, Ethereum follow suit?

$ETH fails to rally after ARK invest ETF application

On September 6, Cathie Woods’ ARK Invest filed an application with the SEC for opening an Ethereum ($ETH) ETF.

This Ethereum ETF application from a major investor should have helped $ETH recover some of its lost value from August 2023. While the recovery didn’t materialize, $ETH didn’t lose any more value, either, with price staying within the $1,630 range from September 6 to September 10.

While the news should help $ETH’s recovery, its technical indicators still point towards further bearish development. So, with top altcoins not looking like the best crypto to invest in, is ($DOMI) a better option?

$DOMI investors to gain by up to 633% as presale continues is the blockchain version of the traditional art marketplace. The legacy art market yields around 7% returns annually. By improving on the stagnant business model of the current art market, ($DOMI) can become a better alternative and grow tremendously in the future.

One of the core ways is better than the art market is that its assets are not sold physically. Instead, artworks are digitized and have their ownership registered on the blockchain in an immutable and highly secure way.

These digital assets can then be fractionalized into smaller pieces of the original asset. The marketplace lists these assets for users to trade using the $DOMI token. The $DOMI token is’s native ERC-20 tokens you can use for NFTs to buy. It is expected to grow tremendously over the upcoming stages of $DOMI’s presale.

For example, between its current $0.0021 price and the next stage of $0.002625, $DOMI will grow by around 25%. By the time ($DOMI) finally launches at $0.0154, this gain will grow to a massive 633%. And if you act now, you can get an additional 10% bonus and maximize your returns further by using the ‘DOMI10’ promo code.

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