Bitfinex recently hit the headlines after it announced that capital outflows in the crypto market for August had reached $55 billion. The figure was calculated after taking into account the capital of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and five top stablecoins.

While the announcement did boost Bitfinex’s prospects, crypto users are not shying away from exploring other top crypto coins. According to analysts, Polkadot (DOT) and InQubeta (QUBE) are among the altcoins that have captured the attention of crypto users with their recent market performance.

For many crypto users, the surge in Polkadot’s popularity is quite natural given that it has been around for quite some time and people are aware of its use cases. However, many experts are surprised by the meteoric rise of InQubeta since it was rolled out just a few months ago.

InQubeta is an Ethereum-based project that helps startups working with artificial intelligence-powered projects score fundraising opportunities. Its presale growth has further cemented its position as the best crypto investment of 2023. In just four presale stages, the crypto project’s presale finding has crossed $3.1 million.

InQubeta: Empowering startups with DeFi solutions

InQubeta is a leading decentralized platform where startups can explore genuine investment opportunities. It also enables investors to access AI-backed projects early and stay ahead of the competition.

What makes InQubeta a good crypto to buy is its transparent and intuitive model which can be navigated easily. Before connecting with investors on InQubeta, startups have to come up with an offer that they would like to make to the investor. The offer can be a reward level or an equity share. Offers are minted as NFTs and then made available on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace. Investors can purchase these NFTs using the QUBE token, which is the native cryptocurrency of the InQubeta network.

The QUBE token is a versatile cryptocurrency that’s used for various uses in the ecosystem. For starters, the token is used for governance. The platform has a decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) model where all stakeholders are encouraged to participate in operational matters. They are encouraged to voice their concerns and pitch suggestions.

If a community member has a proposal in mind that could improve the scope of the protocol, they can put it forward for review among other community members. QUBE token holders have exclusive voting rights that they can use to vote for these proposals.

Another key use of the QUBE token is that it can be staked to support the blockchain’s optimal growth. In exchange for their staking efforts, token holders are given crypto rewards.

The token is also drawing a lot of crypto users because of its deflationary model where the token supply is always controlled and kept scarce to tame price fluctuations. By keeping the supply less than the demand, the InQubeta team ensures that the asset value stays stable.

The QUBE token can be bought on presale, but buyers will have to wait for 12 weeks before they can access the purchased coins, due to a vesting period.qube2

Polkadot clocks a favorable revenue variance of 25.6%

Polkadot is a decentralized network of sovereign blockchains called parachains. These parachains facilitate the transfer of data and assets across multiple blockchains. What stands out about Polkadot is that it uses sharding – where it processes multiple transactions across blockchains. The feature not only boosts the platform’s speed but also its scalability. Its native token is DOT. Apart from transactional uses, the token is used for adding parachains to the network. New parachains are added by bonding tokens. When parachains become obsolete, they are removed by eliminating the bonded DOT tokens.

Meanwhile, Polkadot saw its popularity touching new heights after its revenue variance clocked an uptick of 25.6%. Revenue variance is the difference between the actual revenue and the budgeted figure. If the actual revenue is more than the budgeted revenue, it leads to a favorable revenue variance. Polkadot remains a hot favorite of whales as its ecosystem has the potential to attract many developers and the platform could potentially continue to post high revenue in the long term.


If you are looking for the best altcoins to buy now, you should consider Polkadot and InQubeta as they are innovative projects with utility-centric models. However, when it comes to growth potential, InQubeta remains the top bet for many analysts. The platform’s unique model enables investors to become entrepreneurs while creating a sustained source of income. The model helps them earn long-term returns and secure their financial future. No wonder it is being hailed as one of the best altcoins to buy now.

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