Hospital staff are to go on an eight-hour strike on October 25 as the spat between trade unions and the state health services (Okypy) remains unresolved.

The strike, scheduled for between 7am-3pm, is necessary and further action may be required, the joint announcement from the trade unions stated.

“Unfortunately, Okypy has left us no other option other than dynamic action from the workers until their struggle is vindicated,” Sek, Peo, Pasydy, Deok, Pasyki, and Pasyno, said on Saturday.

They emphasised that all of Okypy’s workers across all professions are to participate in the strike.

The trade unions further warned that their strike action may be increased should Okypy not resolve their labour demands, such as on collective agreements.

The decision to proceed with strike action was taken on September 21 when the trade unions accused Okypy of being dismissive towards is employees and the trade union movement.

They also alleged obstructionism within the organisation, while highlighting inconsistencies in Okypy’s past commitments.

However, Okypy denies this, with spokesman Charalambos Charilaou telling the Cyprus Mail last month that discussions regarding a new agreement had been going on since the beginning of July and that the organisation has been clear on the parameters it has set.

“The unions want the agreements and pay rises to be exactly the same as they were when they were employed as public sector workers, but this is not possible”, he said.

He said any agreement must conform to four specific parameters, but that unions have not yet accepted this.