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Paphos mayor outraged over another squalid migrant block

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The terrible conditions at the apartment block where residents have no water or electricity

Migrants living in a condemned apartment building without electricity or water has been cleared after the Paphos mayor intervened and expressed his outrage over the situation.

“It’s situations such as this when one wonders if the state exists… the state must wake up,” Phedonas Phedonos wrote on social media, sharing photos of the squalid conditions.

He said the roof of the building was being used as an open toilet.

The mayor claimed that state services had been handing out rent allowance payments to asylum seekers who were living in the apartment building.

Phedonos shared “shocking” images of the apartment building – which he said had been cut off from water and electricity for the past six months.

He focused his criticism on the state as he claimed that the social welfare and asylum services were aware of the situation.

When challenged on the case, they reportedly told the mayor that if he wishes to remove the asylum seekers from the building then he must secure a court order.

“And if we don’t take it to court, or if the court doesn’t issue such an order, then they’ll just continue living in the building without electricity or water?” Phedonos pressed.

The reply received was that the asylum seekers have one month to relocate to a legal building, or their allowances would be cut.

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The mayor then shared photos from the cleanup and clearing operation, with police officers overseeing municipal workers removing piles of trash, tattered mattresses and other miscellaneous items.

“The municipality has done and will continue to carry out its duty, but the state must wake up,” the mayor warned.

A common feature in the photos is large plastic water containers, indicating the workaround employed by those living there without a centralised water supply.

The setup is similar to that of the highly controversial St. Nicholas complex in Chlorakas, which had for years been the focus of media reports.

The situation there exploded over the summer as village residents sought to take the matter into their own hands, prompting clashes which led to arrests.

The mayor’s post can be viewed here

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