Cyprus’ court of appeals on Tuesday began legal proceedings in the appeal against British pensioner David Hunter’s sentence and court verdict.

The three-member bench gave both prosecution and defence two months each to prepare their arguments.

Hunter, now 76, was found guilty of manslaughter in July this year, after he killed his wife Janice in their Tremithousa home in December 2021.

He was jailed for two years, but with time served, was ultimately released on the same day the sentence was passed, in July 2023.

In a surprising twist, Cyprus’ attorney general appealed both the manslaughter verdict and the sentencing handed down to Hunter.

As a result, Hunter could now face a sentence of premeditated murder, which comes with a life sentence.

David suffocated his wife to death with a pillow, in what he said was a bid to end her suffering, as she lived with a form of blood cancer that was affecting her quality of life.

He said his wife had begged him for weeks to take her life.

The story has become linked to an upcoming debate about euthanasia in Cyprus, set to begin in parliament in the coming weeks.