Giorgos Perdikis on Thursday publicly announced his intention to compete for the leadership post of the Green Party to ‘help bring back unity’.

The long-time former leader and MP of the Green Party, told the media that there is an unstable climate within the Green Party at the moment and that he can play an important role in stopping the internal friction and confrontation, ensuring political reconciliation.

“I am interested in the presidency [of the Green Party] and I will run because I believe that unity and stability in the party needs to be brought about,” he told Politis radio.

He added that he has been in contact with the other interested parties for the presidency, asking them to withdraw their candidacies and support his candidacy. “I have not exerted pressure on anyone,” he told Sigmalive, explaining that he is only contesting for the remainder of Theopemptou’s term, that is, for one year and two months.

The 61-year-old politician further clarified that he does not intend to return to parliament or start a new political career.

Perdikis was first elected party leader in 2014 and remained in his post until Charalambos Theopemptou took over in 2020. He is currently the district secretary of the party in Nicosia.

Party members Efi Xanthou and Sotiris Christou also announced their interest in the presidency.

Elections to choose the new party leader will take place on November 26, the same day of the general party conference.

The decision, announced two weeks ago, was taken a few days after Theopemptou resigned from his post.

Citing personal reasons for his decision to step down, Theopemptou said he will retain his seat as a Greens MP for Nicosia.

A day before, Green MP Alexandra Attalides resigned from the party citing its ‘catastrophic’ position on the Cyprus problem, lack of unity with the European Greens while adding that some members attacked her for supporting LGBTQIA+ rights.