Gym Kile offers a safe, nurturing space where women can focus on their health without feeling self-conscious or intimidated

Two young ladies took the helm of what is today known as Gym Kile some six years ago. Set up in one of Nicosia’s suburbs, the fitness centre is an initiative that is driven towards empowering women through fitness.

I personally never liked gyms. The idea of being locked up in a room for an hour, running to nowhere while being surrounded by exercise experts really didn’t appeal to me. Until health matters urged me to get physically stronger.

As a dedicated gym exclusively for women, an idea initially instigated by Stephani Kile, it is through her associate, Manto Marcela Vasilaki that I delved into the world of exercise. As a she is a personal trainer open to working one-on-one in your own personal space, online or in the gym itself, I felt that starting out at home was an ideal solution. I was not obliged to go to my sessions as Vasilaki would come to my front door, but as the months went by and my body got stronger, the opportunity to go to the gym itself didn’t seem as daunting. After around six months I was ready to use heavier weights and a treadmill to match my strengths.

Gym Kile is a relatively small locale on the outskirts of Ayios Pavlos in Nicosia that doesn’t boast any sort of cutting edge equipment or luxurious appearance. The essence of the place is Vasilaki’s and Kile’s approach, their understanding of the female body and all the complexities that come with it. Women who go to Gym Kile are merely focused on moving their bodies, under the guidance of one of the two personal trainers who do their magic as they assess your individual needs.

“Our goal is to empower each and every woman and to make her feel special and unique,” explains Vasilaki. “We completely understand that there are times when we may feel bored, be on our period and may not particularly want to exercise, but we accept this at our gym. We want everyone to feel free to express themselves and pursue their fitness goals out of love, rather than pressure.”

feature melissa gym kile offers tailor made fitness programmes that are developed according to each individual they work with

Gym Kile offers tailor-made fitness programmes that are developed according to each individual they work with

Looking back on the almost two years since I joined the gym, and as I listen to Vasilaki explain their vision, I embrace her philosophy. There is no pressure to go to the gym, on the contrary, when I don’t go, I can almost say that I miss it, my body misses it. Gym Kile has become such an integral part of my life for what it has to offer for my body and mind.

Vasilaki became a professional personal trainer to match her passion for fitness and her desire to help others achieve their health goals; that was her inspiration.

“I believe in the transformative power of exercise not just physically, but mentally and emotionally,” she says.

Having materialised her aspiration by founding a sound ground to offer her services, Vasilaki works five days a week, predominantly in the gym, as well as online and in person when preferred.

As far as the gym is concerned, “the idea was to create a safe, nurturing space where women could focus on their health without feeling self-conscious or intimidated,” Vasilaki adds, “it’s about meeting the unique needs of women in a supportive environment.”

To this end, Gym Kile caters to a wide range of ages, from young adults to seniors. “We believe fitness is a lifelong journey and should be accessible to women at every stage of life.” This is how they adapt their training and address particular issues one may have. I personally had a chronic knee issue, and even though I trained my entire body with Vasilaki, there was an underlying focus and particular attention paid to my ‘weaker’ leg and how to strengthen it at the same time.

“We specialise in adaptive fitness programmes. For instance, we offer pre-natal and post-natal workouts, helping new mothers maintain fitness and recover post-pregnancy.”

This also falls in line with their tailor-made fitness programmes that are developed according to each individual they work with.

“Personalised programmes are crucial. They address individual goals and challenges, ensuring that each member’s fitness journey is effective, safe, and enjoyable. We empower women by helping them realise their strength, both physically and mentally. It’s about breaking barriers, achieving goals, and building confidence.”

And this is perhaps what makes women’s gyms, in this case Gym Kile, unique. “A women’s gym focuses on creating a holistic and supportive environment. It’s tailored to women’s health needs, fostering a sense of community that’s rare in conventional gyms.”

feature melissa

Building a supportive community through fitness and the gym’s environment is another aspect that both Vasilaki and Kile place emphasis on.

“Our staff is welcoming, and our gym’s layout and design are meant to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for everyone, not just the physically fit.”

To this end, the duo aspires to build a supportive environment where members feel a sense of belonging.

“We understand that achieving overall health and well-being involves more than just exercise, which is why we provide a supportive network for our members. We encourage them to share their personal stories, challenges, and achievements, and we offer support during difficult times. Whether it’s celebrating a member’s birthday or acknowledging a professional accomplishment, we strive to foster deep, meaningful connections among our members,” says Vasilaki.

Come to think of it, this is perhaps another reason I miss going to the gym when I don’t. Being able to be entirely yourself, regardless of who may be exercising next to you, having Vasilaki check in on you, listen to how you feel, how much you feel you can achieve on any given day, but also having the manner to push you when needed rings right. Kile Gym extends much farther than merely work-out time.

Women’s gyms may not necessarily be a new thing, but there definitely is a trend. Vasilaki estimates that this trend reflects a growing awareness of the need for spaces that cater specifically to women’s physical and mental health needs, therefore offering a more personalised and comfortable fitness experience.

Could we then call Gym Kile an experiential gym that leads to better being? From my perspective: absolutely.

Gym Kile, 77 Ayiou Pavlou, Nicosia. Tel: 99077238