More voices joined on Tuesday the growing condemnation over the Cyprus Medical Association’s handling of the doctor who was found guilty of indecent assault against his patient.

Since the court ruling last week over gastroenterologist Pavlos Antoniou, it has since emerged the same doctor has been found guilty in court for the same offences in the past.

The Medical Shield group, which falls under the federation of the patients’ association, said it was disappointed and concerned by how the Cyprus Medical Association refused to divulge details on how it handled the doctor’s previous conviction.

Head of the ethics committee Michalis Anastasiades said the committee ruled in favour of the doctor and did not revoke his licence.

He was also quoted as saying the medical association would now begin its investigation after the court decision.

This sparked the ire of MPs during the House human rights committee on Monday.

“A doctor is found guilty in court and the medical association needs to carry out an investigation? Is the safety of patients not taken into account?” committee chairwoman and Akel MP Irene Charalambides said.

This doctor was found guilty in the past and his licence was not stripped away. He is now found guilty for a second time.”

A representative of the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) also told MPs they could not strip any doctor’s licence but only suspend them from Gesy.

This does not forbid the doctor from practising in the private sector.

Charalambides called on the health ministry to intervene and change the way in which the medical association operates in such cases.