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Three Cryptocurrencies are creating a buzz in the Crypto space – Arbitrum (ARB), Manta Network (MANTA) and Pullix (PLX)


The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing, with established cryptocurrencies competing for dominance while new projects try to get noticed by investors. Ranked among the former, Arbitrum (ARB) has witnessed a noticeable price increase of more than 9% in the past month. At the same time, newer projects like Pullix (PLX) and Manta Network  (MANTA) are also making waves, generating interest and speculation. 

Notably, Pullix, a revolutionary DeFi crypto in its presale finale, has secured a listing on BitMart. With tokens available at a price of $0.14 in the ongoing presale, prospective investors have the chance to get in early before the token price potentially rises upon listing. Meanwhile, this development has further sparked discussions about Pullix’s potential to rank among the best DeFi tokens  in 2024.

Pullix: A hybrid platform poised to shake up the DeFi landscape

In an impressive display of growing demand, Pullix (PLX) has once again reached a milestone by unlocking the 8th and final stage of its token presale after a remarkable run of seven consecutive sellouts. With only 10 million tokens remaining at the fixed price of $0.14, Pullix is rapidly forging its path as a potential leader in the DeFi ecosystem. 

While it is scheduled to launch before the end of  the first quarter (Q1), Pullix’s groundbreaking approach tackles prevalent challenges across both traditional CeFi exchanges and DeFi platforms. 

For instance, most CeFi platforms have been criticized for lack of security compared to their decentralized counterparts. On the other hand, while DeFi platforms boast stronger security with decentralized technology, the majority of the exchanges in this category grapple with liquidity constraints and high transaction fees.

Pullix aims to bridge this divide through its innovative hybrid model, prioritizing both security and user experience, appealing to audiences from both centralized and decentralized finance sectors. This unique approach further reinforces Pullix’s credibility as a reliable player in the market, with an emphasis on empowering investors with control over transactions.

Given its exceptional presale performance and ambitious future initiatives, Pullix stands as an enticing DeFi project for investors eager to engage in a transformative movement. Meanwhile, industry analysts predict substantial returns for early investors, propelled by Pullix’s pioneering features such as its profit-sharing model that have the potential to challenge the dominance of platforms like Binance.

Investing in Manta Network (MANTA): A look at current price and future potential

Manta Network (MANTA), also a new cryptocurrency, is making waves as a potential player in the ongoing market rally. Unlike other altcoins that have already hit their peak, Manta Network presents fresh promise for growth. The optimism surrounding Manta Network is fueled by a potent combination of past success and positive indicators. 

Its January token sale not only concluded successfully but also sparked a subsequent price surge, demonstrating early support and market enthusiasm. This momentum appears sustainable, with the Manta token experiencing a near 17.14% price increase in the last 7 days to peak at $3.2 before dipping slightly to a weekly price range of $2.72 and $2.99. 

Furthermore, its track record boasts 15 days of upward movement in the past month, suggesting a consistent upward trend and growing investors’ interest. In short, Manta Network’s recent emergence, combined with its promising features, positive token performance, and bullish sentiment, paints a picture of a potentially exciting newcomer in the crypto landscape.

Arbitrum drop 0.1% despite major partnership

In a major move, blockchain platform Arbitrum (ARB) has partnered with ApeCoin to support the development of its dedicated blockchain. This collaboration leverages Arbitrum’s “AnyTrust” chains, known for their low transaction costs and security.

Experts see this alliance as a positive sign for Arbitrum’s token future, despite market volatility. Over the past month, the ARB token has surged by over 9.0%, but slightly dropped by 0.1% over the week and is currently trading within a weekly range of at $2.02 and $1.95. It remains to be seen whether this strategic partnership can translate into a price rebound for Arbitrum.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

Visit Pullix 

Join The Pullix Communities


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