Hindustan Computers Limited, i.e., HCL Technologies, is a subsidiary of HCL Enterprise, an Indian IT software firm headquartered in Noida. HCL Technologies Limited offers a myriad of business services like cloud computing, cyber security services, research and development (R&D), digital and analytics services and offers. multiple other IP-driven solutions.

This IT startup boasts of now being a large-cap global tech company under the guidance of C. Vijayakumar, CEO and MD of HCL Technology. Read on to learn more about the financial details of the company to make informed investment decisions.

HCL financial analysis

Starting with the revenue from operations, HCL Computers Limited witnessed a rise from Rs. 46,276 crores at the end of FY23 to 48,118 crores in FY24. Its market cap now stands at Rs. 3,58,000.27 crores as of 10th May 2024.

Moving on to the company’s EBIT, it has gone up from Rs. 18,483 crores in FY23 to Rs. 20,027 crores in FY24, and the CAGR over the past four years was estimated to be 9.5%. It also has a healthy operating margin of 35.10%. This company’s current return on equity (ROE) is 27.54%

The consolidated turnover of the company was approximately Rs. 1,10,758 crores in FY 24, with a 5.4% YoY.

Here is a table to explain the performance of the company better, followed by an HCL share price chart.

Category (Yearly)

March 2024 (In Crores)

March 2023 (In Crores)

Revenue from Operations



Net Profits



Basic Earnings Per Share



HCL stock price analysis

hclAs of May 2024, HCL share price is Rs 1,319, while the share prices of its competitors, Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) stand at Rs. 1,422 and Rs. 3,897.05, respectively. Public shareholding in this company is 4.56%, whereas Promoter and Promoter Group Shareholding is 60.81%.

Is it worth investing in HCL shares?

Investing in HCL Technologies can be a strategic move by investors. Out of 38 analysts, 3 analysts term it as a strong buy, 13 would recommend you to buy and only 9 recommend selling it. The remaining analysts recommend holding on to it to see the market trends.

The share price high at the end of 52 weeks of HCL Technologies is around Rs 1,700, whereas the low is around Rs 1,000. With all the historical data and projected trends, investing in this company’s shares might be a suitable option for people who are considering investing for the long term!

Bottom line

Based in Noida, HCL Technologies, which was once a startup, is now a big firm worth billions. The growth trajectory of the company has been upward, and it has built a reputation for itself in the IT sector.

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