By Christiana Michaelidou

Wherever you are going this summer make sure you always have the right bag. Doesn’t have to be the most expensive or necessarily practical (you know we also love micro bags even though often they hold virtually nothing).

However, carrying that “IT” bag does give you the absolute confidence you need to slay your summer outfits without having any doubts whether it is complete or not.

There’s always a chic bag which covers every aesthetic, so let’s embrace them this summer. Here are some ideas to take into account.

fashion 1

Barrel Bags

Starting off strong, barrel bags seem to always come and go but they are now a very timeless piece in our wardrobes. There is nothing screaming 2000s more than these bags. While we got used to the much larger barrel bags during previous years, we have now reached the point where we go minimal and modern.

fashion 2Sea it, Wear it

Sea creatures are a very creative way to enhance your outfits this summer. At work or wherever you maybe, you can always ensure you feel carefree and summery as if by the water, under an umbrella drinking coconut water. Sea creatures and seashell bags are the new trend for the upcoming season, and don’t even think they are not stylish. Trust me styling a linen outfit with a Fish Pouch will make you think otherwise.


I know what you’re gonna think, Cyprus’ summer combined with anything with the word knit may not feel very compatible. But knit or crochet doesn’t necessarily mean warm or wintery. Raffia textiles are the absolute gem for summer. Too many designers have actually delivered brilliant ideas when coming to summer knit bags which have of course inspired even more people to create their own ideas (tiktok is a great place to find out how to DIY your own).

fashion 4SPARKLE – DISCO – GO

Sequin bags are the best accessory no matter the season. They are an absolute staple, especially during summertime. Bright paillette bags are the accessory to go for, giving a flirty, carefree vibe, elevating each outfit in its own individual way.

fashion 5THE EAST-WEST

In my opinion I think I left the best for last. It’s been quite some time since we’ve been obsessing over the idea of continental wallets, and we definitely needed an item that is going from the continental idea to the most elegant shape, something you can tuck under your arm as well as hold like a small lady bag.

For me it is the absolute “IT” bag for every season and every occasion. Screaming elegance, quiet aesthetic and luxury, the design has been given the name East-West due to its horizontal shape, delivering the best design for a “dream bag”. It might not be the carry-all tote but it is definitely the carry-with-you-anywhere kind of bag.