When a player first enters the world of Diablo 4 and begins his journey in the starting village, he will have basic equipment for the hero, a weapon dependent on the class, such as a staff, sword, or bow, and that’s all – new opportunities for the fighter will have to be obtained in battle, for quests, or buy with Diablo 4 coins if you have enough of them.

The entire gameplay will come down to hunting and constant attempts to improve your hero in small ways with new weapons with bonuses to skills for the class, equipment with a large set of bonuses, or even starting to collect a set, as well as searching for runes and gems.

All the little things affect the character little by little and gradually accumulate an effect that begins to be felt later.

But you can receive bonuses right away if you have enough Diablo 4 gold coins. With them you can simply buy valuable items from other players, but keep an eye on the level requirements and characteristics so as not to spend gold on something that you won’t be able to do for a long time equip.

What can help a player at the start:

  1. Powerful weapons – when you first enter the danger zone, you will gradually knock out new types of weapons from monsters and constantly change them, but if you initially buy a good starting weapon, then you will simply run forward and destroy entire enemy locations, immediately brea in king through to new level of difficulty.
  2. Equipment – the more parameters your armor has, the more fearlessly you can fight in the thick of enemies and kill them anywhere on the map.
  3. Talismans are useful items that need to be added to your inventory to receive bonuses. You can buy a talisman to increase the amount of gold, increase the chance of finding a valuable item, or increase any combat characteristic to speed up the killing of monsters.
  4. Gems – as your gameplay progresses, you will find fragments of stones, which can be collected into pieces or whole stones and, depending on their type, receive bonuses for inserting into weapon or armor sockets. This way you can increase attack speed and damage, add a chance to activate elemental control magic, and even increase the chance of finding a valuable item. Such stones can take a long time to collect or be purchased immediately if you have Diablo 4 gold.

Gold in the chapters and corners of the world of Diablo 4

Players should speed up their leveling to increase the amount of D4 gold from monsters and quests

In general, the entire world of D4 is an excellent source of finding gold, starting with the tasks necessary to complete the chapter and ending with clearing locations and opening chests that will be scattered throughout the game area. Some will require keys, while others will open just like that.

Just kill monsters and enter all the dungeons you come across and you will never have problems with either gold or current equipment, which may not be the best, but quite sufficient for a comfortable game.

Use the gaming market

This always happens in online games that sooner or later certain gamers are lucky enough to knock out really valuable items that can be sold profitably to other players.

This principle also works for all goods that are in Diablo 4.

You can earn gold in D4 by simply interacting with the market and selling everything you don’t need, keeping an eye on prices, or buying items that can then be resold at a high price when popularity increases.

On the market you can sell and exchange consumables and runes with talismans, which at some point will no longer bring noticeable bonuses to your hero, but will still be useful to beginners, sell them to them and earn cheap D4 coins.

Don’t forget to check the market for weapons and things that will speed up your progress, because the higher your level and difficulty, the better rewards you can get.

How do players make more gold with Dungeon system

Storm dungeons and fortresses

This is a long-standing tradition and even, in a sense, a feature of Diablo 4 – finding a large number of underground zones that you can go into to attack.

They are visible upon close approach and can be found on the interactive map using marks.

In the dungeons you will find many rooms that lead into each other and allow the player to kill a large number of different monsters and receive random rewards from all of them, including gold and resources, as well as random weapons and armor.

The higher the level of the enemies, the better the trophies, but also the greater the risk of dying, so carefully monitor your health and the type of attacks of your enemies, beware of explosions and enhanced attacks.

At the end of each dungeon, a chest with an increased reward will await you, which will still be random, but it will more often drop rare and high-quality equipment and weapons of any type.

It is worth remembering that all equipment that is not suitable for you can either be stored in a chest and then transferred to your character if you want to play with this class, or sold through the market to players who need it.

Fortresses are a new mechanic in Diablo 4, which is similar to dungeons, only they are located in regular territory. You will also clear rooms with different enemies and at the end you will receive a chest and a reward, depending on the type of fortress. Usually this is D4 gold and rare armor and weapons, but many fortresses will be more difficult in difficulty than dungeons.

Don’t play by yourself

Diablo 4 is not only a challenging game to play alone, it is designed for players to team up with each other and organize entire groups.

This is beneficial not only because you will not be afraid of any resistance from enemies due to the variety of classes, but also the amount of experience and Diablo 4 gold that will drop from monsters will be increased depending on the number of players – from two to four in the group.

Always return to valuable and profitable places

The main advantage of Diablo 4 is its replayability, especially for valuable locations and dungeons. This means that you will be able to go through and clear them as many times as you see fit and will have a chance to get valuable trophies again, which you can sell or keep for yourself in the future.

Conclusions on farming gold and other ways to get it

Diablo 4 is a diverse project in which many factors and items affect the quality of your gameplay and overall damage. This must be taken into account and constantly improve the combat potential of your hero.

You must knock out and accumulate gold in Diablo 4 in order to buy the best types of weapons, armor, amulets and talismans that will help you in battles and leveling up through active and passive bonuses.

Use the game market and sell and buy items that you need, or, on the contrary, have lost their relevance and are not suitable for your hero.

Don’t forget about the system of dungeons and fortresses, which can be farmed repeatedly and received trophies in each team and directly from the final chests, where the quality of the reward is always higher.

Try not to play alone, because this always gives you more bonuses to trophies and gold in Diablo 4. It all depends on the number of party members, which can go up to four heroes. This will give you the opportunity to completely ignore enemy resists and always have the means to destroy the enemy.

Do not forget to regularly repeat the passage of popular and valuable dungeons and locations, which are updated once a day, or several days, if these are special territories.

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