Does modern lifestyle nurture your health or provide ammunition for diseases? You already have the answer, and thus the necessity for health insurance plans for a modern lifestyle is increasing day by day. With this article, we will be discussing what aspects of modern lifestyle cause any disorders, if health insurance plans can help, and how to select a proper insurance plan that can help you specifically. Keep reading to learn more.

How modern lifestyle got associated with lifestyle diseases?

Our modern lifestyle forces us to make some conscious and unconscious choices that lead to poor health. Here are the most significant choices that make modern individuals unhealthy and ill:

1. Poor Nutrition

What you put into your body directly affects your health. Demands of modern lifestyle may prevent you from balancing your diet. Due to a failed education system or the information overflow of the internet era, you may not have the right knowledge of what a balanced diet should look like for you. Whatever the reason, a poor diet has a significant impact on your health.

2. Sleep deprivation

Chronic sleep deprivation is a national epidemic that robs people’s lives of what is the cornerstone of a healthy body and mind. Be it stress, irregular work schedules, improper diet, or excessive screen time, a huge portion of the populace does not get the quality sleep they need. If you are also sleep deprived you may notice degradation in health and overall life experience. 

3. Lack of movement

Movement is what modern people are not compelled to do due to various technological advancements. However, this removes the basic things human bodies need for their functioning and health. A considerable portion of the populace who study or work spend most of their time sitting. This prevents sufficient movement that one can accumulate throughout the day creating issues.  

4. Poor stress management

Anxiety and burning out have become everyday terms for many people in recent times. The reasons for stress and anxiety have changed throughout history from invasions to mass layoffs, but what makes modern people the worst victims of stress is their poor management skills. In modern life, people know of few ways that can shave off their stress in a healthy way.

What are the types of lifestyle disorders?

Lifestyle disorders affect both men and women, but certain illnesses have a different manifestation or higher prevalence in one gender over the other. Here are some of the disorders men and women develop:


  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Liver Disorders
  • Prostate Issues
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Gout


  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Breast Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Gestational Diabetes

What can health insurance plans do about it?

Health insurance plans can play a crucial role by offering coverage in scenarios when you need treatment for lifestyle diseases. However, such a health plan (if you purchase one early in life) helps you prevent lifestyle diseases.

For example, many insurance providers, such as ACKO, offer plans that have a feature called No-Claim Bonus. It encourages the policyholder to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that he/she can benefit from the bonus that will increase the sum insured if no claim is made in a year.

There are several features health insurance plans have that are meant to push individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

What are the things to consider before choosing a plan for yourself?

Among various health plans, it might be difficult to choose from. You can consider these factors when purchasing health insurance:

● Family vs. Individual Plan

A family plan covers all members, but children over 25 require individual plans.

● Sum Insured

Choose a higher sum insured to cover the spiralling healthcare expenses.

●       No-Claim Bonus (NCB)

Opt for a policy with a high NCB (up to 50%) for discounts on renewal or increased sum insured after a claim-free year.

●       Zero Copayment

A no-copay option means the insurer covers the entire claim amount, though it comes with a higher premium.

●       Waiting Period

Be aware of the waiting periods for coverage of certain lifestyle ailments, typically 2-3 years for conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

●       Critical Illness Cover

Add-on covers for critical illnesses like cancer and heart attacks can extend your policy’s coverage.

●       Wellness Benefits

Plans offering wellness benefits reward healthy lifestyles with points redeemable for health check-ups, premiums, or memberships for gym, spa, etc.

●       Network of Hospitals

Ensure your plan includes a wide network of hospitals for cashless treatment to avoid upfront payments and reimbursement hassles.

●       Additional Features

Look for policies covering outpatient department (OPD) costs and consumables like PPE kits.

The Bottom line

Modern lifestyles pose considerable risks, but selecting the right health insurance plan can provide protection against these. If you consider the factors outlined above, you can ensure comprehensive coverage, financial security, and support for a healthier lifestyle. Make an informed choice to safeguard your future well-being.

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