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The importance of establishing ease in the body – Sadhguru (Cyprus)

In this video, yogi and mystic Sadhguru, discusses one of the primary ways of establishing health and ease in our body – fasting on key days during a month – in order to withstand the physical rigour of spiritual practice.

“Every 40 to 48 days, the system goes through a certain cycle,” he says. “Three days will appear where your body does not need food.

“If you give this break, it is very, very good for your health and your body, the way it functions. It can carry you to completely different dimensions of experience and living.”

For those in tune with their body, they will be able to sense when those fasting days fall in their individual cycle. But for those who are not so aware, continues the Isha Foundation head, the Indian practice of ‘Ekadasi’ can direct them.

“That means four days before the full moon, four days before the new moon day, people don’t eat. They wake up in the morning, no breakfast, no lunch – only after the sun sets, they eat one meal.”

Another alternative is simply to eat very light-on-the-body foods on those days, he adds.

The spiritual significance of such a fast is to cleanse a person’s body by giving it a break – this provides an individual the vibrancy with which to remain conscious during meditation.

“The biggest enemy to a meditator is sleep,” points out Sadhguru. “So keeping vibrant, alert, and keeping the body free of pains and problems is important, because only then you will seek something bigger.”

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