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How to step out of a cyclical, conditioned life (Part 1) – Sadhguru (Cyprus)

In the first video of a two-part series, yogi and mystic Sadhguru turns our attention to the limitations posed to our inner progress by our biological, familial, societal and intellectual conditioning.

“What being on the path of the divine means, is that: you don’t have your own nonsense, any more,” the Isha Foundation head says.

“Where does your nonsense come from? A bit from your parents, a bit from the society in which you live…  the rest you cook it up.

“A bit from your genetics, a bit from the external impressions,” he continues. “Using these two things, you cook up the rest.”

And by allowing ourselves to be trapped by the expression of our genetics – given our evolutionary proximity to chimpanzees – we consign ourselves to living repetitious, cyclical lives, says Sadhguru.

“Genetics means repetition. Repetition means cyclical nature. Cyclical nature means you’re going in circles – you’re not going anywhere,” he points out.

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