This video is meant to expand your general knowledge about living a healthy life and is NOT a substitute for seeking medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before making changes in your health practices, diet and self-care.

In this video, marriage and family therapist Emma McAdam, host of the Therapy in a Nutshell YouTube channel, introduces us to cognitive defusion.

Cognitive defusion enables us to be aware of the actual process of our thinking, so we are better able to reflect objectively and problem-solve effectively before taking any action.

We all have a tendency to over-identify with our thoughts, amplifying them in our minds to the status of ‘facts’ and ‘the truth’. When we become used to our thoughts in this way, the thoughts themselves can become over-controlling, preventing us from seeing other options.

Cognitive defusion turns that over-identification around, and gets us to:

  • Look ‘at’ thoughts rather than ‘from’ them
  • Notice thoughts rather than getting caught up or ‘buying into’ them
  • Let thoughts come and go, rather than holding onto the thought

Learn more about cognitive defusion, and helpful cognitive defusion techniques, here.

View the original video here.

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