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Abuse at immigration restricts my movements, service at Gesy

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Congratulations on your expose of the shady corrupt practices at the Civil Registry and Immigration Department (Government admits abuse in migration department, Sunday Mail March 19).

The blatant abuse of the system by staff and agents has been going on for decades and this is known to the many that are forced to suffer the application or renewal process for residency permits, and not only since the online booking system was put in place.

I am still waiting after eight months for an update as to the status of my renewal attempt, and have been contacted by my bank and the health authority threatening to deny me any services until I am technically legal again.

My travel rights are restricted and I am just one of many enduring untold hardship and undue costs and expenses.

Your story highlighted a crime of significant proportions so I am hoping that we can expect an official enquiry resulting in the arrest and punishment of any guilty parties.

Let’s hope that your excellent journalism leads to improving and streamlining the system to a standard to be expected in a European country.

Shane McDonald

Former citizen and now Illegal inmate No 181703/2022

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