A case of the West Nile virus was recorded in northern Nicosia on Wednesday, according to the north’s ‘health ministry.’

The disease is transmitted to humans who are bitten by infected mosquitoes, and the north’s ‘health ministry’ said it has no vaccine or drug treatment.

They added that the main symptoms include headaches, flu-like symptoms, back pain, the sudden onset of high fever, fatigue, and muscle weakness.

Less common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, skin rashes, and excessive swelling of the lymph nodes.

In addition, they said they are “continuing spraying efforts without interruption to prevent mosquito-borne diseases.”

In the Republic, a case of West Nile virus was recorded in early September.

At the time, medical services head Elisavet Constantinou said there was no cause for concern.

She also urged people exhibiting symptoms to visit their GP.

Meanwhile, a pilot programme in Larnaca to sterilise disease-carrying mosquitoes has seen the number of pests reduced in the area.