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Noise pollution in Yermasoyia

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I am a resident of Yermasoyia and I am writing to share a persistent issue that has been affecting the quality of life for myself and many others in the vicinity – the increasing problem of noise pollution and a lack of regulatory enforcement.

Certain areas have become hotspots for nightlife and construction activities. While development is certainly beneficial, the oversight in regulating noise levels, especially during the night, has been quite distressing. In particular, a local club named Club Eleven has been a source of constant noise disruptions, operating from 11:00pm to 5:00am, despite numerous complaints from the residents.

Attempts to address this issue with the club management and local police have proved futile, as our concerns have been largely ignored. The situation has not only disrupted our sleep but has significantly impacted our overall well-being and work performance.

The lack of action from the local authorities regarding noise control regulations is a matter of concern.

Igor Tyulkanov, Yermasoyia

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