Nicosia detects no difference in the stance of the Turkish Cypriot leadership and Turkey on the Cyprus issue during the new efforts undertaken by the UNSG’s personal envoy, Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos said in an interview published on Tuesday.

It is clear that this is the reality of the situation, Kombos said, adding that the rhetoric of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership was indistinguishable, and that decision-making happens in Ankara.

“I think it is clear and understandable to everyone that this is the reality and any attempt to make this reality appear otherwise […] doesn’t reflect what’s actually going on.

“[This] is proven by the daily rhetoric [from] both the Turkish Cypriot leadership and […] Turkey…there is no difference of opinion or approach. There is a decision centre [and it] is not in occupied Nicosia, it is in Ankara,” Kombos said.

During the minister’s statements, published in daily Phileleftheros, Kombos reiterated that Nicosia is fully committed to the process and substance of the efforts by UNSG envoy Maria Ángela Holguin, with the aim of returning to a meaningful negotiation from where it left off in Crans-Montana, firmly within the framework of the UN’s security council.

Regarding Holguin’s role and mission, he said she is a very experienced and capable politician with significant diplomatic achievements, who has a full understanding and insight into the Cyprus problem, its parameters, and the current impasse, as well as the culpability of the other side as regards its position on two states and sovereign equality.

Regarding a timeframe for her mission, Kombos said that the Greek Cypriot side would welcome its speedy completion, of course, with the positive outcome of resumption of talks.

As for the involvement of third parties or the guarantor states during this phase, the minister said it was important that Holguin had made contacts in all three capitals and was travelling to Brussels. She would possibly seek out contacts in other capitals where there is an interest in the Cyprus issue, he said.

The minister noted that Ankara’s role is “more than decisive” and said the Greek Cypriot side appraised Holguin’s contacts as a boost to her role and efforts.