By Andrea Kouyiali

Nothing says Limassol more than a restaurant next to the beach. Sunbeds and umbrellas in full for those who want to enjoy a cocktail by the waves, tables for diners seeking a full experience and stools for those wanting the best of both worlds.

We went for brunch on one of the latest boiling hot days we’ve been hit with and picked our sins for the day – one savoury and one sweet. An Eggs Benedict with Parma ham for one and American pancakes for the other.

Although Gazebo Mare brands itself as a cocktail bar it does offer a full menu, including brunch.

It was a busy Saturday and there was an event that kept much of the staff occupied but it is clear great attention is given to the presentation of the dishes.

The pancakes were delivered on an aesthetically pleasing plate and while it was clear that there was an interest in offering a presentable option, I was immediately disappointed by the fact that the ‘fresh blueberries’ that were supposed to come with the pancakes could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Nonetheless, the pancakes themselves were extremely thick – which is what was I was after, but the maple syrup didn’t have the dripping aesthetic oozing from the sides that I was looking for.

Instead, it appears the very inside of the pancakes were drenched with the stuff. As such, the pancakes were very filling very quickly. Someone would have to have a massive appetite to finish the plate up solo and unfortunately, I wasn’t there yet – the heat did nothing to help either.

The Eggs Benedict ticked a lot more boxes. Not only was the English muffin soft and delicious, combining deliciously well with the eggs, the Parma ham added the right amount of savoury to the dish.

Gazebo Mare is conveniently located at the Limassol marina, however it’s on the fringe, which is why the view is the beach and not the yachts. Much quieter and coupled with the tranquil sea, it’s a far more relaxing environment than the bustling marina.

Anyone sitting at the tables on the outside terrace has a great view over the sea. The venue as whole encapsulates the summer vibe with its bright spaces and simple wood and earth toned décor.

All in all, the location is definitely the best part about the place with decent food offerings that have invested time.

As for drinks, we went for coffees which would be hard to go wrong on but the cocktails certainly looked appealing, perhaps if we were there at a later part of the day.



WHERE Gazebo Mare, Limassol marina

WHEN Monday-Thursday: 10am-6pm; Friday and Saturday: 10am-midnight; Sunday 10am-8pm

CONTACT 25 051878

HOW MUCH Average €15 for brunch and coffee