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Larnaca exhibition explores the art of weaving

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Opening on Friday, On Ariadne’s Thread – In Ictum Arianna at the Multispace of Creativity and Culture – Mattei House is an artistic event that concerns fabric and the art of weaving as visual expression. The input for this thematic exhibition was based on the creative career of German-Italian artist Herta Ottolenghi (1885-1953), who made woven works of art at the beginning of the 20th century. Herta was one of the first visual artists who approached the art of weaving as a means of creating works of art, meaning creating fabrics that do not have any utilitarian function.

Around this work, which came from Italy for this exhibition, are gathered the works of Cypriot artists who, like Herta, express themselves creatively through fabric. The dialogue born from the coexistence of the works raises questions on the relationship between art and craftsmanship, the visual artist with the master artisan, and the importance of the intention that determines what is one and what is the other.

The purpose of the visual proposal – exhibition is not to provide answers to the above or other questions that arise but to propose them to the public and meditate with them on the importance, if any, of an answer. In this context, the most appropriate space to host the dialogue is the Mattei House in Larnaca. Built in the 18th century as the house of a wealthy Italian family of merchants, it is today a cultural centre.


On Ariadne’s Thread – In Ictum Arianna

Exhibition on the art of weaving. November 4-December 4. Multispace of Creativity and Culture – Mattei House, Larnaca. Opening night: 7pm. Monday – Saturday: 9am-3pm

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