The government will take decisions on halloumi during a wide-ranging meeting with all stakeholders after February 21, when an EU Court is expected to issue its decision over the halloumi appeal, Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou announced on Friday.

She described a productive meeting had been held with sheep and goat farmers earlier in the day, along with President Nikos Christodoulides.

The EU will be ruling on a lawsuit filed by cow breeders and cheesemakers challenging the traditional cheese’s status as a Product of Designated Origin.

Panayiotou said sheep and goat farmers would submit their suggestions in writing by next Friday on how to increase the production of sheep and goat milk.

She added the ministry already has a number of measures in place over the issue through the Rural Development Programme, but is working on others.

“After the court’s decision on February 21, the president will convene a meeting in the presence of all stakeholders in the halloumi production sector, cheese makers, cow breeders, sheep and goat farmers, and the government’s decisions will be announced,” Panayiotou underlined.

On behalf of the sheep and goat farmers, Sotiris Kadis thanked Christodoulides for receiving them and listening to their problems, and said that they are waiting for the meeting with the stakeholders. He also said that they would submit written suggestions to the president.

Asked whether they were satisfied after the latest agreement with the cheese makers on the quota of goat’s milk in halloumi, Kadis said they expected to discuss the issue at the meeting after February 21.