Police said on Monday they arrested 13 persons for illegal employment and illegal work during sweeps at several premises across the island over the weekend.

The police checks took place in the Nicosia, Famagusta and Limassol districts.

Twelve of the people arrested were working here without a permit. The thirteenth individual arrested on the spot was an employer, found to be residing illegally in Cyprus.

Seven employers meanwhile are being investigated for illegal employment – for a total of seven separate cases under investigation.

Three of the cases of illegal employment concerned Nicosia after checks at three premises – a restaurant, a cafeteria and a commercial store.

At the restaurant in question, police found that three persons lacked a work permit – a woman aged 30, and two men aged 50 and 60. The two men were also illegally living here.

At the cafeteria, three persons aged 23, 28 and 30 were working without a permit. At the commercial store, police found two individuals aged 18 and 29 working illegally.

Two of the cases concerned Famagusta district, following checks at a mini market and a construction site.

And the two other cases turned up in Limassol following checks at a restaurant and a street vendor. The two persons arrested for working without a permit were also found to be illegally residing in Cyprus.

The police said checks are ongoing to crack down on illegal work and illegal employment.