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Malas spent nearly €1m on presidential campaign

A total of €999,030 was received by Stavros Malas' headquarters and €999,028 was spent.

Akel backed independent candidate Stavros Malas spent and received roughly €1m during the election period, it emerged on Tuesday.

Figures made public, as per the legal requirement, reveal a total of €999,030 was received by his headquarters and €999,028 was spent.

Malas lost his bid for the presidency to incumbent Nicos Anastasiades.

During the campaign, Akel coughed up €473,800 for Malas while another €407,730 came from ‘other contributions’ which remained unspecified.

Another €117,500 was made from dance events.

In terms of expenses, just over €700,000 went towards communication costs as well as expenses incurred for organising events. About €200,000 went for administrative costs and €48,000 went for costs related to buildings.

Rent took up €46,050 and bank expenses amounted to €1,195.

Diko leader Nicolas Papadopoulos who also ran for president but never made it to the second round spent €908,366 while €938,550 came in largely through donations (€874,850) and costs covered by third parties (which remained unspecified) amounted to €63,700.

Anastasiades and Citizens Alliance leader Giorgos Lillikas who also ran for the presidential seat, have yet to make the figures of their campaign public. The deadline is this week.

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