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Bar review: Marina Breeze Lounge Bar, Limassol

Smack in the middle of the summer heat, a refreshing drink is really what we are all after. And the bar I went to even offered some relief from the other all consuming obsession at the moment, the World Cup. I enjoyed a relaxing drink washed down by the calm and soothing waves of the sea at Marina Breeze Lounge Bar, a place that has recently undergone a mini-facelift and added a deck that means you are literally drinking on the water.

The décor itself has an air of elegance, that adds to the sense of laidback luxury. This, paired with great service, with a smile at all times, creates a great drinking experience whether it is late in the afternoon, the most ideal in my mind, or later at night.

The bar itself, the décor, the ambience begets wine and Marina Breeze Bar has a fantastic variety of wines from all around the globe, whether it is the local favourites, French and Italian classics or New World tastes. Either way, affordable or more luxe options are available.

Nevertheless, if a cocktail is what you are looking for, the place offers different cocktails with the spirit of your choice – gin, rum etc. in addition to those inspired a little closer to home with a base of mastiha or commandaria. The Commandaria Cobbler, a divinely refreshing cocktail, is made with Commandaria, obviously, paired with strawberry puree, fresh lemon, sugar syrup and angostura bitters. The combination of the sweet Commandaria and strawberry puree, paired with the tangy lemon and bitters creates an incredible, and balanced palette of flavour. Nevertheless, more refreshing cocktails are made with aperol or Prosecco that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Moreover, their homemade sangria is something that is dying to be tasted while the sun is setting over the deck.

With an even larger variety of drinks, and mixers, Marina Breeze Lounge Bar is one that will not disappoint this summer and it is begging to be tried. Just bear in mind that the deck does have limited seating, therefore pre-booking, especially during busy periods, might be the most prudent as to avoid disappointment. The Bar also has platters and dishes and brunch on offer that become the perfect pairing to your drink, creating all the essential elements for success.


Marina Breeze Lounge Bar

Where: Limassol Marina

Contact: 25 051230

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