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Attack on AKEL is a power grab

Strong government impossible with seven political parties and none having an overall majority

By Hermes Solomon

Every morning a stocky, off-white Cyprus poodle paddles around my neighbourhood. Fenced-in dogs howl dissent; a dawn chorus accompanying the solitary off-white roaming freely and unperturbed by garden gates, impervious to the din which awakens most local residents while he cocks a leg to soil pavements, gutters and hedgerows.

Whining Andros is AKEL’s roaming poodle, his daily paddle hoping to undermine our judiciary, police and the government.

Unlike the off-white, Andros is ably assisted by AKEL’s Evagorou, Loucaides and his clone, Damianou, who collectively seek to coerce this government into dropping all criminal charges against known thieves, liars and former president, Demetris, who many believe should already be in jail.

AKEL was founded in 1926, six years after the Communist Party of Great Britain, which elected two MPs in 1945 only to lose their seats in 1950. Their numbers peaked during 1943, reaching around 60,000, tiny by comparison to the French Communist Party with 800,000 members and the Italian with 1.7 million.

General Secretary of the British Communists at the time was Harry Pollit – his grandson and I were in the same class at school – and the party’s national newspaper, The Daily Worker was somewhat more ‘Muscovite’ and belligerent than our own ‘beloved’ Haravghi.

Harry was convicted in 1925 under the Incitement to Mutiny Act 1797, but never accused of bribery or corruption. Arthur Scargill, ‘communist’ president of the National Union of Mineworkers during the Thatcher-coal miners’ strike, was convicted 60 years later of tax evasion through Luxembourg.

Over the past fifty years, EU communist party membership has dwindled to insignificance, only AKEL survived to rule via a coalition with DIKO and EDEK in 2008.

But immediately after AKEL’s fall from grace, one scandal has followed another and Andros is convinced that DISY/DIKO are ‘out’ to crucify AKEL by dragging Christofias and associates through the mud so thoroughly that AKEL will never again be elected to power.

Andros might well be right, but AKEL’s five years of misdeeds are now harming everyone and the party’s reputation is hardly in need of an underhand DISY/DIKO conspiracy to defame.

Today’s political in-fighting will further damage the Republic’s credibility and revive memories of the 1974 self-inflicted coup d’état. This time, nobody will be killed neither will an ‘armada’ come to defend the ‘poodles’.

Both EDEK and DIKO, who knew what was coming, disassociated themselves in the nick of time, leaving AKEL to take the rap. Moscow stepped in with a 2.5 billion euro ‘wasted’ loan supported by AKEL/Noble Energy promises of endless wealth, which now seem increasingly distant.

AKEL has always lacked the sophistication of true communism, which today moves the goalposts to score goals – today’s Russia and China being fine examples of how to pass the political/economic football successfully.

AKEL’s ideologies still belong somewhere in the 1960s, when frankly I admit to being something of a sympathiser. I even took a crash course in Russian during the Cuban missile crisis. But ‘true’ communism moved on and out, and is finally doing so here.

AKEL’s village faithful, now poor beyond belief, are apathetically slipping away. More than a handful have already switched to the Greens – confirmation of political disillusionment – while DISY/DIKO continually remind us of this past five years of AKEL’s bungling rule by introducing yet further crippling public health service, police and civil service pay cuts!

And the cuts are far from over…

The first concern of any major foreign investor is to establish the existence of stable political leadership of the country in which they invest. Whether that leadership is democratic, (democracy is a myth anyway and always was) dictatorial or communist is of little consequence to the investor.

We cannot expect any major company/country to invest in Cyprus when we have seven political parties – none with an overall majority in the House – forever at each other’s throats rather than unified for the good of the country and its people.

Just look at those iron fist regimes which ‘successfully’ rule oil/gas rich Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, etc. Destabilised regimes have brought about a divided Syria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia no matter who divided them and for whatever reason. Cyprus must choose one or other side of the fence.

AKEL’s demise has more to do with the Republic’s dire need of firm and single-minded government than AKEL’s misdemeanors. DISY/DIKO no more seek to defame Akelites lest their own top dogs be exposed. But they do seek unopposed power!

When we have a government that delivers on all fronts we will have Cyprus back; whole, united and with a promising future. Until that day, we will move from one scandal to another without imprisoning any of the innumerable ‘patriots’ who were led by greed, stupidity, Brussels, Moscow or Athens to destroy their ‘beloved’ patrida.

In recent public speeches, Führer Nik has justified his soubriquet by indirectly demanding absolute power and control of the Republic. Some supporters are already shouting, ‘Sieg heil, mein Führer!’ but in Greek of course.

I must admit, for the presumed future good of the country, to being something of a sympathiser! I, like many others, sorely seek a final solution to the Cyprob, whatever it is, and an early exit from this crippling economic downturn.

Single-minded unhindered government will eventually accomplish both. The price will be high and the economic suffering for many will emulate that still endured by Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese and the Irish. But out of the ashes a new breed of Cypriot will arise, not dissimilar to pre-independence Cypriots in values, determination and integrity.

The return of deserted and decayed Famagusta is likely, but Morphou is neither deserted nor decaying as increasing numbers of impoverished ‘refugees’ are forced to claim compensation through the Immovable Property Commission at one seventh of pre-crisis market value.

Actions speak louder than words, mein Führer!

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