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Making art out of nothing at all

Within the framework of the Centre of Performing Arts MITOS the Yard.Residency, a theatrical performance will be given on Friday under the name Inside Devising: Rebecca.

The devising theatre performance, created and performed by Charalambia Theofanous, explores physically and vocally the effects of solitude and grief. It draws inspiration from the character Rebecca in Gabriel Garcia Marques’ novel A Hundred Years of Solitude as well as Greek myths, Sephardic songs and familial stories.

Devising theatre is a dramatic process of making something out of nothing. A movement found in training could lead to 15 minutes of the piece but not a sight of the original movement. A song could lead to a whole new movement sequence, private memories might start off an entire monologue, which then gets broken up and remoulded. The process is long and great, but the audience only ever sees the final product.

For this performance, the audience only gets to see parts of the final piece. The process and how the piece came to this final destination is something that audience members will have to chance to hear and ask questions about at the end.

Rebecca has been performed in Nicosia and Paphos in 2016 and it will also be performed at the First International Monodrama Festival as part of Pafos2017 European Capital of Culture events.

Performance by Charalambia Theophanous. September 9. The Old Vinegar Factory, Limassol. 8.30pm. €5. Tel: 99-319120

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