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A word of comfort to expats dealing with UK gov.

With the re-organisation of the NHS to Gesy, I offer a word or two of comfort to any UK expats who have suffered at the hands of the UK Department of Work and Pensions. You are NOT alone.

I retired here to Cyprus ten years ago. As a UK Pensioner, my wife and I have been entitled to Cyprus NHS care, paid for by the UK government. The Gesy reorganisation involved jumping through many hoops. With the extremely professional and capable help given by my local Oroklini Practice, all procedure was completed except for the requirement to obtain from the UK DWP, copies of our S1 Certificates. These were to be sent to me and then submitted, by me, to Nicosia in one bundle.

As required, I phoned the UK DWP in early April. I was told it would take three to four weeks to comply with my request. Three to four months’ went by and I had to phone again. Apologies abounded and I was assured that all would be dealt with.  Err, four weeks later… nothing. In all, four month’s waiting and two phone calls has produced no progress from the UK.

While the High Commission in Nicosia urged us all to comply, quickly, with the requirements, many of us who did so have been let down by the infamous ineptitude of our own government. I intend a third phone call next week. Oh, I have also written to the minister for works and pensions at Westminster but expect the customary “V” for victory salute from the “here today, gone tomorrow” official!

Gordon MacFarlaine, Oroklini

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