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The only London heroes and heroines are the medical staff

Commuters at Clapham North underground station REUTERS/Hannah McKay

What Mr Riza fails to really capture are the empty buses, the sardine filled carriages of the tube as people who need to work have to use the tube, the boarded up shops which are facing closure, the very few people walking the streets (some with their dogs which is allowed).

If the virus continues for another 2-3 months the economy will be in recession and all those greedy developers who continued to build towers will have no buyers and go bust!

Soon the homeless and unemployed will rise and be evident in London and it will be a dystopian place.

All because some politicians did not act early despite being warned by local and Italian doctors!

The only London heroes and heroines are the medical staff and other essential staff which keep London working and safe despite the misery and risk they have to take. Clapping for the NHS is not good enough. What the nurses and doctors need and needed was the protective equipment/uniforms not clapping!


London under corona virus occupation

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