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Cassiopea jellyfish poses no danger, authorities say


THE DEPARTMENT of fisheries and marine research issued a statement on Tuesday addressing recent concerns over a jellyfish bloom off the beaches Kato Pyrgos. The release declared that although Cassiopea jellyfish are present in the area, they are primarily in the bedrock and not a threat to swimmers.

The department was responding to a newspaper article which spoke of the dangers of the jellyfish. If swimmers refrained from walking on the bedrock, the department said, incidents of stinging would be negligible.

The Cassiopea, which first entered the Mediterranean from the Suez Canal in 1903, is not particularly dangerous. While plaguing swimmers with minor stinging during the summer months, the stings can be treated by removing the tentacles, rinsing the irritated spot with saltwater, icing the irritation and applying cortisone cream, said fisheries department.

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