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Bar review: Lost + Found Drinkery, Nicosia

By Alexia Evripidou

With its taste bud tantalising cocktails, sleek bar staff and funky retro decor, Lost & Found is an effortlessly cool, cosy and trendy bar.

Evoking nostalgia of buzzing London, the Drinkery proved to be an atmospheric night out with excellent music and a catalogue of drinks. I found myself giddily excited, working through their alchemic styled cocktail menu. Help was needed and help was readily offered. The bar staff humoured my curiosities and assisted me to work through the complex options. Did I want sweet, sour, dry, sweet-sour or perhaps dry-sweet? Was madam wishing to get heavily intoxicated, averagely, lightly so, or somewhere in between? Now, did my palette crave savoury, herbal, spicy, fruit or floral? Choices, choices. Finally, the deed was decided, Spiced Mai Tai; a golden, medium strong, dry sweet, spicy drink served in a tall-bowled cocktail glass, poured over crushed ice and garnished with sprigs of mint and charming dried orange rings. It was love at first sip, and second and sixth until the glass cried silently for a refill.

In truth, I was converted before the elixir even reached my lips. The venue heralds a quirky style interior with mix-matched furniture, comic strip wallpaper partially covering red brick and most importantly, two vintage arcade games; Pinball and Shinobi, all so very atmospheric. The service is genuine and professional. There’s a sense that people care about they do. Once ordered, I sat back and watched the mixologist perform his magic, making every twist of a wrist and flick of a twirler seem special; a liquid concoction made especially just for me. Attention to detail matters and they make it look easy.

It is however, small inside; a perfectly cosy winter night out (on a quiet evening!) Otherwise, it’s outside on the busy Gladstonas and Vyronos corner, not far from town central. Still, the Electro swing and Jazz satisfyingly drowns out the passing traffic, transporting drinkers to a land, where the only worry is working out one’s next drink.

If like me, crowds break you out in a rash, then weekdays are perfect for nursing a chilled drink, catching up with friends and watching the world go by in a musical trance of electro beats. It’s popular but not over crowded, although weekends see more traffic. Food wise, they offer hot dogs – this won’t be available until September now. The Drinkery also hosts professional Guest Bartenders from around the world, offering their own mix of talent and tastes.

My favourite touch however are the comic mugs lining the wall. Each encased in its own small glass box with backlighting and available for six month hire. Accompanied with its own key, who wouldn’t want to use their own super mug at their favourite drinking spot?!

Lost + Found Drinkery
Where: 38 Lord Byron Street, Nicosia

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