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New think tank tries to inform about peace process

The logo of Omada Kypros

By Evie Andreou

A NEW think tank, Omada Kypros (Team Cyprus), that aims to contribute to the Cyprus peace process by helping members of the public better understand what the settlement entails, was launched on Monday.

Through the group’s declaration, its 42 co-founders said they are “an idea producing group” that want to make the peace process more comprehensible to the average citizen as regards its anticipated results and to generate and implement ideas to support the peace process and the negotiating effort.

“Our aim is to support this new effort for a settlement of the Cyprus problem. We believe that the federation is the only realistic choice we have if we want to end to the occupation, and reunite the island,” said co-founding member Panos Loizou Parras.

He added that the group, consisting of academics, teachers, political scientists, lawyers and other professionals, do not have any political aspirations but aim to use their expertise each in their field to better inform the public about the various aspects of what is being announced or what is being discussed concerning the settlement of the Cyprus problem.

“Sometimes, the terms used are not easily understood by the majority. Through articles of our members posted on our website or through media announcements we will help people understand what is a federation, what the solution entails, etc,” Parras said.

The group said in the declaration members don’t have the same political or ideological views but that they are united by their vision for the reunification of the island.

“We belong to the younger generation – the group’s average age is under 40 – that was born and raised after the tragic events that divided the island and our people. We are encouraged by the will and determination of the two leaders to move forward with courage and vision, and we are willing to contribute as volunteers to the success of the effort,” the declaration said.

The group used a pun with their name, Omada Kypros – OK, to give the two leaders the OK to go ahead. “We are here, we support, reinforce and, simultaneously watching”, they said.

The group’s website hosts articles by its members and videos including on what a federation is all bout, and posts articles on the progress of the peace process. Articles are in Greek only, videos are in English or have subtitles.

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