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Cyprus joins space diplomacy project

From Right: Namira Salim, Founder and Executive Chairperson of Space Trust, Mayor of Nicosia Constantinos Yiorkadjis and Cseo president George Danos

Α Letter of Intent was signed on Tuesday between‎ Space Trust, ‎the Municipality of Nicosia and the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (Cseo) to establish mutual cooperation in Cyprus as part of the (Zero G) 0G summit.

‎The cooperation also aims to mobilise world leaders towards peaceful uses of space science and technology on Earth, an announcement from the three parties said.

In cooperation with the Cseo, the 0G summit envisions to support and promote research, innovation, entrepreneurship and education ‎for space, science and technology.

0G summit has been presented at the highest levels at top space industry and UN events, having engaged ten UN member states since 2016 all around the world, carving itself out as the leading actor in space diplomacy in the age of democratisation of space, which makes space inclusive for all nations, the announcement said.‎
The letter of intent was signed in Nicosia by Namira Salim, founder and executive chairperson of Space Trust, the mayor of Nicosia Constantinos Yiorkadjis and Cseo director George Danos.

“The municipality of Nicosia is pleased to sign a Letter of Intent with Space Trust and the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation with the intention to cooperate mutually shared goals, to establish in Cyprus, the secretariat of space trust`s lead initiative, (Zero G) 0G summit, upon the invitation of the government of the Republic of Cyprus,” the Nicosia mayor said.

“Cyprus is strategically positioned as a crossroads between the East and West, North and South and its capital Nicosia has been historically bridging different cultures and civilisations.‎ Therefore, for Nicosia to be at the heart of this new type of space diplomacy is an honour,” he added.

“We are signing a unique agreement that brings a new type of diplomacy towards peace. From space, the Earth has no boundaries and at the International Space Station all nations cooperate in harmony to benefit humanity via peaceful uses of space technologies.” CSEO head George Danos noted.
‎Space Trust is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation that champions world peace through novel space themed initiatives to inspire change, encourage dialogue and enrich education. ‎

Cseo is an NGO established by key international people in industry and academia. It promotes scientific research and development in the field of space exploration, astronautics and astrophysics, and enhances and actively develops the local space industry, leading to the advancement of high-tech industry and collaboration with other space-faring nations in scientific, space and planetary missions.

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